About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help students and parents find and attend their ideal post-secondary educational program, help school counselors extend their college counseling reach, and build college-savvy communities - with services free to all!

Our vision is that every school community is college-savvy and that every high school student has a clear path to their ideal post-high school educational program and institution.
Mentors develop long-term one-on-one relationships with students AND parents, when possible, to make sure they understand the requirements of all family members, thereby ensuring that: students find and get accepted to their best-fit college or university; both student and parent needs are met; and family members are in agreement with the student’s ultimate college decisions.
We seek to work in tandem with school counselors so that together we can provide a seamless and successful journey to college.
Whenever possible, mentors operate within a school, so they can relate to and accommodate each school's unique characteristics, culture and environment.
We seek to enhance the entire high school– in addition to those mentees who sign up for our program– by having local parents and community members become partners with their local school, and providing character education and role modeling to all students.
We are excited to provide mentors for students outside of our partner schools, as well, no matter where they come from in the United States or abroad. Mentoring can take place in person or virtually, depending on what is safe and convenient for the mentor, the mentee, and the mentee's parents.
We also partner with community organizations that work with high school-age students. These partnerships can be created to best serve the needs of these nonprofit organizations.
We also provide monthly webinars, essay writing classes, interview practice, and other programs for our mentees and any other high school students (and their parents!) who come through our "doors"!

Our History

Mentors 4 College, co-founded by David and Dr. Lois Zuckerman, has been up and running since 2011. We started at Parkway North High School in St Louis County, MO. Since then, we have:
• Added M4C chapters at Parkway High Schools, Bayless High School, Wentzville High Schools, Francis Howell High Schools and Affton High School

• Worked with over 900 high school students from our partner schools, plus individual students from other St. Louis area schools, as well as students from around the country and abroad.

• Reached over 1100 high school students, parents, mentors and counselors through our monthly webinars.
We currently have 70 volunteer mentors who are professionally trained and give freely of their time to help high school students find and get accepted to their ideal schools.
• Our mentors come from a wide variety of educational and work backgrounds, as well as from many different cultures, so we're able to pair our mentees with mentors who can understand their abilities, needs and goals.

• We've designed the M4C system to be scalable, so we're able to support chapters at any high school in the country.

Partner Schools List

  • Affton High School
  • Bayless High School
  • Francis Howell High School
  • Francis Howell Central High School
  • Francis Howell North High School
  • Francis Howell Union High School
  • Parkway Central High School
  • Parkway North High School
  • Parkway West High School
  • Wentzville Holt High School
  • Wentzville Liberty High School
  • Wentzville Timberland High School

Awards and Recognition

BPOE Missouri Lodge - 2020-2021
The BPOE Missouri Lodge awarded Dave and Lois Zuckerman the Elks Distinguished Citizenship Award for 2020-2021 on behalf of Mentors 4 College.
Pillar of Parkway - 2017
The Parkway School District in St Louis County has awarded Mentors 4 College the Pillar of Parkway for 2017. This prestigious award is presented to individuals who have provided extraordinary service to the Parkway community and go beyond what is expected.
Unsung Heroes - 2017
The St. Louis Jewish Light named David & Dr. Lois Zuckerman "Unsung Heroes" for 2017 because of our Mentors 4 College work.

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Princeton UniversityDave Zuckerman - Co-Founder

Dave Zuckerman is Co-Founder of Mentors 4 College, former President of Customized Improvement Strategies LLC, and the author of "Pharmaceutical Metrics" from Gower Press. Dave holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton University and a Master's degree from Washington University in St. Louis. He and his wife, Dr. Lois Zuckerman, put three children through high school at Parkway, and worked through the college application process with each. One ended up at Brandeis, the second went to Yale, and the third decided college wasn't for him. Each made the perfect college selection decision for herself/himself.

Licensed Psychologist, Colorado CollegeDr. Lois Zuckerman - Co-Founder

Lois Zuckerman was born and raised in Colorado. She received her B.A. from The Colorado College and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology from St. Louis University. Most of her work focused on medical psychology and anxiety disorders. She and her husband, Dave Zuckerman, raised three children in St. Louis. As their children navigated the college selection and application process, Lois and Dave realized they had gained significant expertise in the process themselves; and that other parents would have that same expertise. Recognizing that school counselors are stretched thin, and seeing this as a way to extend the school counselors’ reach, they worked to create Mentors 4 College: a community of volunteer mentors to assist and support families in the college selection and application process. Their goal is to find the right fit for each student after high school.

High School Principal, Missouri State UniversityDr. Jenny Marquart - Board Member

Dr. Jenny Marquart is a retired high school educator. She spent 17 years as the principal at Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Missouri, and six years as an assistant principal at Parkway West High School. Prior to this, Dr. Marquart taught Spanish in Greater St. Louis area schools. She attended community college and Missouri State University to earn her bachelors degree in education. She received her masters degree in school administration from St. Louis University and received her doctorate in educational leadership from Maryville University. While principal at Parkway North High School, Dr. Marquart partnered with Mentors 4 College to implement the program.

College Counselor, Adelphi UniversityGwyeth Smith - Board Member

Gwyeth "Smitty" Smith is the former head college guidance counselor at Oyster Bay High School, Long Island NY with decades of experience in the college application process. He was also the subject of Acceptance, the acclaimed book written by David L. Marcus that chronicles the stories of seven students through the college application process, and was featured in the Newsday series, College Quest. He has been featured in Newsweek magazine, and has written columns for the Washington Post and New York Times. He currently is on the board for the Nassau BOCES Educational Foundation and Mentors 4 College.

Television Executive, Stanford UniversityVicki Horwits - Board Member

Vicki Horwits received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Stanford University. She worked for 28 years in the entertainment industry, serving as the Vice President of Current Comedy at NBC and writing and producing several situation comedies on network television. Having watched her own son go through the college application process, Vicki saw firsthand the challenges many families face in navigating the complex, often overwhelming process. After retiring from the entertainment industry, she turned her passion towards supporting and guiding other families through the college application process, so that each family can feel educated and empowered during the process and can find the “right fit” college for their student. She resides in Los Angeles and is currently finishing the certificate program in Independent Educational Consulting at the University of California at Irvine.

Financial Executive, Princeton UniversitySkip Williamson - Board Member

Skip Williamson is a 30-year veteran in commercial banking and finance. Skip holds an BSE from Princeton and an MBA in finance from Columbia University. He and his wife, Wendy, put two very different children through college: a highly focused engineer and a wide-ranging liberal arts major. Skip has spent time volunteering with preschoolers and tutoring GED candidates in math. He lives in Longmont, CO, and enjoys the outdoors.

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